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Underground Mine, USA

Geotechnical Application

  • Working with Teck Resources Limited to test Geotechnical Application of Adrok Scanner for:
    • rock mass characterisation
    • identification of water
  • Survey located underground in Teck’s care-and-maintenance mine at Pend Oreille Mine, USA
  • Adrok’s survey results were compared to depths measured by mine’s surveyors (as blind test)
  • No HSE accidents

Relative Dielectric Permittivity (εr)

Looking upwards from the u/g access to the MX zone, POM

Outcome of field trial

  • Teck Resources Ltd invested $5million for 17.5% equity in Adrok
  • Adrok have also secured a non-exclusive Multi-million dollar Services Agreement with Teck for Adrok to provide geophysical survey services on their global properties for 2012 and 2013 (with an option to exceed thereafter)