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"We have carried out a number of trials to satisfy ourselves that Atomic Dielectric Resonance (ADR) technology works and have successfully used it to assess prospects prior to drilling.

The ADR technology recognises and identifies stratigraphies which have previously been typecast into the system's memory. It can also recognise and identity the presence of oil, gas and water subsurface.

In my opinion ADR has now developed into a powerful hydrocarbon exploration and appraisal tool."

Robert Kennedy, Caithness Petroleum Ltd.

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"I was first introduced to Gordon, Adrok, and its ADR technology in 2010. Owing to the highly-interesting results from some surveys Teck engaged Adrok to undertake, and largely through Gordon's stewardship at Adrok, in December 2011 Teck concluded an equity investment in Adrok together with a framework to establish a longer-term working relationship. I am looking forward to working closely with Gordon and Adrok to further develop mineral exploration and geotechnical applications for Adrok’s ADR technology."


Joel Jansen, Chief Geophysicist, Teck Resources Limited


"I have known Gordon, Colin and Adrok for a number of years as a advisor to the company.
Adrok technology, a non-invasive elemental spectrometer with deep rock penetration capability, substantially derisks the process of prospecting new uncharted natural resources both on land and under sea. The technology has been successfully applied to platinum, uranium and hydrocarbons geology and has great potential in other mineral sectors."

Dr Andrew King, President, Dyesol Europe. 


"Gordon has demonstrated considerable capability, ingenuity, and tenacity in leading the programme to develop and prove the effectivness of Adrok's proprietary technology, which has the potential to revolutionise the way in which hydrocarbon and mineral deposits are discovered."

John McLaren, Chairman, Barchester Group 


"Your group is very professional and carried out the gathering of data in a logical and efficient manner. I look forward to working with you and them in the future." 


Jim Hutchins, Senior Applications Engineer, Vermeer 

"In the search to find a technique that will reduce the amount of drilling but also deliver reliable and precise mineral targets, Citigold has explored the use of the ADR technique developed by Gordon and his team at ADROK. For over a year now, Citigold has developed a strong working relationship with ADROK and is reaping the benefits of the technique and the professional services offered by this groundbreaking company. Although the ADR technique is not typically used for identifying sulfide and gold targets, Citigold and ADROK have been working closely together to successfully pinpoint small but high-grade targets in granitic host rocks at depths of up to 800m. This unconventional application of the technique was only made possible due to the expertise and ongoing support of the ADROK team and their willingness to work extremely hard on making the project a success. I am confident that the success of the program and results obtained so far is simply the tip of the iceberg for the ADR technique and that ongoing collaboration with ADROK will continue to benefit Citigold’s mineral targeting."

Dr. Simon Richards

Chief Geologist, Citigold Corporation, Charters Towers, USA.

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